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Why the Oscars Matter to Christians

By Samuel James

The Oscars are fun, yes. But should believers enjoy them too?READ MORE

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See What Radiohead Sees

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Radiohead made waves in recent weeks as they surprised everyone with the near-simultaneous announcement and release of their eighth record, The King of Limbs. They have a profound influence in certain pockets of pop culture, and what follows is few reflections on who they are, what are they saying, and why they matter. Who Is …


Artists Build the Church

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Inside a dark theater in the center of Chicago, the frontman for Milano sits at the piano, illuminated by only a dim spotlight. He begins singing a composition based on Psalm 127. I work for a wage but my pockets have holes He won't leave us, He won't leave us I've seen a lover betray …


The 3 Most Disturbing Words on TV

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Not long ago, Justin Taylor linked an excerpt from a sermon by John Piper. The clip was about Piper's fears that certain cultural attachments could cause this whole gospel-centered movement to unravel. Here are a few quotes: 'There's the giving of zeal for truth in biblical doctrine back and forth among young people, and I'm …