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The Case for Hope from a Former Obama Staffer

By Greg Forster

Our country and the church need more Democrats like Michael Wear.READ MORE

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Extraordinary, Ordinary People

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Rice tells a classic American story of faith, family, and fame, where education and hard work liberate us from ignorance and oppression. It's a compelling memoir but not a gospel story, where Jesus Christ reconciles us to one another by reconciling believers with God in his death and resurrection.


‘The Adjustment Bureau’ Adjusted

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Our family recently went to see The Adjustment Bureau and thoroughly enjoyed it. Matt Damon leads in a fast-moving story about an aspiring politician who falls in love with a girl he was 'not supposed to meet.' The plan for his life is set by 'the chairman' who, while never seen in the movie, operates …


Longing and Looking for a Good King

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The royal wedding, just one day away, will be a multi-million dollar extravaganza for the A-list of all celebrity and political A-lists. News coverage has turned frantic, filling the celebrity gossip websites and cable news programs with speculation about who will be there, what will happen, and how grand it will all be. Celebrities are …


See What Radiohead Sees

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Radiohead made waves in recent weeks as they surprised everyone with the near-simultaneous announcement and release of their eighth record, The King of Limbs. They have a profound influence in certain pockets of pop culture, and what follows is few reflections on who they are, what are they saying, and why they matter. Who Is …