Worth a Look: Send North America Conference


Who should attend this conference?

Anyone who is looking to take his or her next step in church planting.  If you are a pastor who is looking to involve your church in planting a new church or if you are a potential planter looking to plant, then this conference is for you.  This conference is also for those on a church staff who give direction to the missions activities of their church. We will have sessions for church planters’ wives and church planting team members.  We will be equipping churches to be good sending churches.  There will be something for everyone involved in the church planting process.

Why should I care about church planting?

“The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches (Wagner).”  Really?  Well, according to Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird, in their book Viral Churches, newly established SBC churches baptize 11.7 people per 100 resident members as compared to 3.4 in established churches.  Yet, with this said, less than 4% of SBC churches, by their own admission, are actively involved in church planting.

Who will be leading this conference?

Louie Giglio, Ed Stetzer, Johnny Hunt, Ellis Prince, David Platt, J. D. Greear, John Bisagno, Mary Jo Sharp, Tony Merida, Tricia Lovejoy, Geoff Surratt, Mac Lake and Vance Pitman, just to name a few.  We feel like we have recruited the best team of church planting practitioners on the planet.  You can see a complete list at www.sendconference.com

Benefits of this conference?

In addition to what has already been stated, the North American Mission Board stands ready to help conference attendees carry out their church planting plans.  The reality is that our two days together in Atlanta will give just a sample what NAMB is capable of helping churches and church planters do the other 363 days of the year.

To register for this conference, go to www.sendconference.com  You don’t want to delay.  Registration levels have already surpassed early capacities, and the additional seats that have been opened are expected to go very quickly.

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