Worth a Look 5.9.11


Your first name reflects your age (unless your name is Trevin, and then you don’t find your name in any Top 10 Lists!):

Take a look at the top 10 names for women and men for the last seven decades (from Social Security lists) and compare them to your peers’ names. I bet you’ll find a lot of matches.

A Rather Serious Cheerfulness:

I’d like to share the single most important thing Chip Stam taught me as his student, his friend, and eventually one of his pastors: Christian worship should be both serious and cheerful because the gospel message is both serious and cheerful. He taught this in the classroom, but he taught it even better by just being Chip.

Jim Hamilton reflects on the frequency of taking Communion:

If we become convinced that the earliest church took the Lord’s supper every Lord’s day—and if this was so widespread that when Paul and Luke are traveling from one place to another, they know that if they find a church gathered on the Lord’s day that church will have gathered to break bread—if we become convinced that the earliest church in every place took the Lord’s supper every Lord’s day, we will want to do the same.

Snoopy wasn’t always Charlie Brown’s dog.