Trevin's Seven


Friday’s new feature at Kingdom People is a rundown of the seven links I think most deserve attention this week.

1. The tide of public opinion about abortion is shifting. When the women on The View find it sick that people would want to make money off abortion… And when they all are unanimous in their thoughts of abortion being tragic… The immorality of abortion is beginning to sink in. Now, if someone would just ask the question, “What is the unborn?”


2. Yawning at the Word. It’s really hard to listen to the Word when there are really interesting things to think about.

3. I have roots in the independent Baptist movement. Naturally, I was very interested in this interview with the authors of a book that shows statistically what is happening in the independent movement today.

4. My friend Owen writes a post on how technology changes us. “Are iPhones Making Us Unkind?”

5. Steven Curtis Chapman’s new album is the first since the death of his little girl. This interview is great.

6. Was Nietzche pious?

7. Thom Rainer looks at how attendance behavior in churches affects your attendance numbers

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