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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Jen Pollock Michel – Christian Life is Paradoxical. Embrace it. One of my favorite writers today grapples with one of my favorite writers from yesterday (Chesterton) on the centrality of paradox to the Christian faith.

2. Jake Meador – Notes on the Burning of Notre Dame. Grand beauties are aids to help us contemplate truth, which is to say aids in knowing God. And when the grandeur is lost, something real is gone. See also Joe Carter’s 9 Things to Know about Notre Dame Cathedral. Also, let’s remember brothers and sisters in Louisiana who have lost three church buildings as the result of a racist’s arson. Lord, come soon.

3. Anne Boyer – What Cancer Takes Away. Firsthand testimony from a woman who faced a cancer diagnosis and chronicles her journey through the treatment. 

4. Artificial Intelligence: An Evangelical Statement of Principles. This is a good forward-thinking statement of principles that should guide us with wisdom as we encounter new technologies.

5. Dan Darling – Why We Go to the Nations: A Person is a PersonDoctors go, missionaries go, we go—not to save the world but because we’re the people God is sending to bear his message and live as a signpost of his kingdom. Because every human being bears the image of God.

6. Chris Martin – 5 Key 2019 Social Media Trends. Chris is always a helpful interpreter of recent data on social media and online communication, such as this recent survey from Pew. 

7. Paul Gould – What is Cultural Apologetics? Effective apologetics today requires a genuine missionary encounter.