Trevin’s Seven


Kindle Deal: My favorite of the Oliver O’Donovan ethics trilogy, Finding and Seeking: Ethics as Theology is just $2.99 right now.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Karen Swallow Prior (in Vox!) – Abortion Will Be Considered Unthinkable 50 Years From NowWe will look at those ultrasound images of 11-week old fetuses somersaulting in the waters of the womb and lack words to explain to our grandchildren why we ever defended their willful destruction in the name of personal choice and why we harmed so many women to do so.

2. Paul Gould – The Need for Cultural ApologeticsGould argues that we live in a post-Christian culture where a view of reality inundates us that is mundane and that has lost a sense of beauty, wonder, and the supernatural. In contrast, he sets forth a new cultural and apologetic model for engaging the world around us with and for the gospel.

3. Kate Shellnutt – Making Missions Count: How a Major Database Tracked Thailand’s Church-Planting Revival. A movement in Southeast Asia shows how real-time reporting is building Great Commission connections.

4. Onize Ohikere – World Tour. This regular column from Onize has become one of my favorite features of World magazine, a glimpse of happenings around the world from a Christian perspective.

5. Collin Hansen – Timothy George and the Leadership that LiftsOur character—and our grasp of grace—is revealed in how we treat people who can’t enhance our résumé, can’t do anything for us, and can’t make our lives easier.

6. I’m very excited about this resource – a “How-To Study Bible” for students. Matt Rogers explains the origin of the seven arrows concept.

7. Karl Vaters – The #1 Productivity Killer in Your Life – and Why It Will Always WinInstead of worrying that the urgency of life will ruin our productivity, we need to be careful not to let the urgency of productivity ruin our life.