Trevin’s Seven


Kindle Deal: How People Change by Paul David Tripp and Timothy Lane. $0.99.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. LifeWay to Close All 170 Stores. This is the end of an era for brick-and-mortar Christian bookstores. Please pray for the wonderful employees who have ministered to so many people through this avenue for many years. Please pray also for LifeWay, as we continue to grow and expand our ministry online and thrive in our direct channels to churches.

2. Salvatore Scibona – The Industrial Revolution of ShameNew technologies have radically expanded our ability to make and distribute a product. The product is our judgment of one another.

3. Carl Trueman – We All Live in Marx’s World NowWe live in Marx’s world—a world where the cultural imagination is gripped by the idea that everything is political. Silence in today’s climate on any issue by anybody in any institution is unacceptable, for to take no political stand on anything in our world is in fact to take a political stand—a stand for the status quo.

4. Francis Spufford Pens Unauthorized Narnia NovelPart of me wants to read this, and part of me wants this novel to never see the light of day.

5. Eric Davis – Should Christians Not Be Known for What They Are Against? You’ve heard it said. “I don’t want to be known for what I am against, but what I am for.” “Christians should be known for what they are for, not against.” Here are a few thoughts for consideration.

6. Esau McCaulley – Keep That Same Energy: African Methodists and the Whole Black Testimony.  “Progressives must not simply evoke white supremacists’ sinful use of the Bible to justify black enslavement and use that historic injustice to argue for every change in the church’s teachings. It is a colonization of our history.”

7. June Cheng – Anniversary of an UprisingRemembering Tibet’s history under authoritarian Chinese rule.