Video: Russell Moore, Scott Sauls, and I have a roundtable discussion on the question, “How Should Pastors Use Social Media?”

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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Elisabeth Elliott – Your Suffering Is Never for NothingA powerful excerpt from the last book from Elisabeth Elliott, which is available this month.

2. Leaders of the SBC continue to respond to recent revelations of sex abuse in churches. Here is an overview of multiple proposals laid out this week by SBC president J. D. Greear.

3. The United Methodist Church has a special General Conference this week to discuss possible ways forward for a denomination that, at least in North America, has been embroiled in bitter debate over the definition of marriage and sexual ethics. Dale Coulter lays out the three plans on the table. Asbury Seminary president Timothy Tennent offers some final reflections on why the One Church Plan should be rejected.

4. Jennifer Woodruff Tait – Raise a Juice Box to the Temperance MovementThe teetotaling history behind America’s favorite communion wine substitute.

5. Annika Neklason – Blackface Was Never HarmlessFrom the beginning, minstrelsy attracted criticism for its racist portrayals of African Americans.

6. Ted Olsen – How To Jump Back In To Bible ReadingThe Christian leader’s temptations against Bible reading can differ significantly from the young believer’s. 

7. Miles Smith IV – Frederick Douglass and His Fight for Freedom. David Blight, more than any other biographer, places Douglass within the world of ideas he inhabited. By doing this, he shows Douglass to be a remarkable thinker, as well as a remarkable human.