Seven links for your weekend reading:

*** Moody’s contest for the iPad2 for readers of Counterfeit Gospels will be over soon. If you haven’t entered your name, you might as well. Nothing to lose!

1. Our church gave out copies of Alex Chediak’s Thriving at College to every graduating senior this year. I recommend you take a look at this helpful resource.

2. Fascinating article by N.T. Wright on translating the Bible

3. Jon Acuff on the plague of locusts that has descended upon middle Tennessee. Our yard has thousands of these beastly things, and the screeching is so loud in the late afternoon that your ears hurt. No joke.

4. Mark Noll: Cotton Mather Reassessed

5. An Atheist Icon? Social Conservatives Worried about GOP Ayn Rand Resurgence

6. Does Fair-Trade Actually Help the Poor?

7. Guilting vs. Glorying into Obedience