Trevin’s Seven


This is likely my last post of the year. A very merry Christmas to all of you! Thank you for reading and recommending my column.

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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Tis the season for Top Books lists!

2. Collin Hansen – My Top 10 Theology Stories of 2018Collin’s take on the major stories of the year is always worth considering.

3. Kathryn Butler – Napalm Girl and God’s Saving GraceKim Phuc’s famous photograph, taken when she was 9 years old, offers only a glimpse into the anguish she suffered in the wake of the bombings.

4. Daniel Willingham – Is Listening to a Book the Same Thing as Reading It? Each is best suited to different purposes, and neither is superior.

5. Sarah Smith – Hundreds of sex abuse allegations found in fundamental Baptist churches across U.S. God have mercy.

6. Derek Rishmawy – Finding Penalty Where None Should Be FoundEven though we still commonly hear folks claim that nothing like a satisfaction, or a penal theory of Christ’s work on the cross was present in the Church Fathers, you can still find passages that prove otherwise.

7. ‘Men Have Forgotten God’: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s 1983 Templeton AddressThis week marks the centennial of Solzhenitsyn’s birth.