Trevin’s Seven


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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Ed Stetzer – The Technological Discipleship Gap. New research on Christian engagement on social media platforms. Stetzer shows how new digital technologies have potential to either advance the gospel or sow destruction.

2. Michael Sacacus – Audience OverloadIt is not just that our attention is fractured by the constant barrage of information, it is also that our desire for attention has deformed our intellectual and emotional lives. 

3. Travis Wussow – China’s Crackdown on Christianity. We need to be in prayer for our brothers and sisters in China these days. China’s crackdown on religion has taken a significant turn over the last two months, reaching a sustained intensity not seen since the Cultural Revolution.

4. Gita Jackson – J.K. Rowling Needs to Stop Messing with Harry Potter. I agree with this. Rowling’s politicization of her books makes it harder to appreciate the richness of the original series.

5. Kate Shellnutt – Moody Bible Picks Multisite Pastor as Its New PresidentI had the opportunity to get a firsthand view of Mark Jobe’s work in Chicago this summer. Excited for Moody in the days ahead!

6. Leah Libresco – Kristin Lavransdatter, Motorcycles, and Docility to Reality. We are truthful when we are docile to reality, be it physical or moral reality.

7. Michael Bird – The Solution to American Tribalism is… Belief in SatanUnless you believe in demons, you will begin to demonize whatever political apparatus you find yourself opposing.