Personal News: In case you missed it, earlier this week it was announced that in August I will be joining the team at the North American Mission Board to lead an initiative providing free resources for pastors and church planters. Here is the announcement, as well as some personal reflections on the move, and an expression of gratitude to people at Lifeway for an amazing decade of leadership development.

Podcast Pick of the Week: I enjoyed this conversation between historians Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook on culture wars throughout history, with similarities and differences to today.

Kindle Deal: Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager: Gain the Mindset and Skillset for Getting What You Need to Succeed by Ken Blanchard. $1.99.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Daniel Gachuki – Pastor, Be One in a ThousandAfrican pastor Daniel Gachuki on the importance of a pastoral heart, and character that matters far more than charisma.

2. Justin Giboney – For Cosmopolitan Christians, Secular Approval is a Common Temptation. Elite believers often sound more like disciples of Jacques Derrida than Jesus Christ. That needs to change.

3. Andrew Wilson – Beautiful Difference: The (Whole Bible) Complementarity of Male and Female. The Christian vision of sexual complementarity, as such, reflects our vision of cosmological complementarity—and ultimately, behind it, the beautiful difference of Creator and creation, God and Israel, Christ and church, Lamb and Bride.

4. Carl Trueman – Embarrassed by the Gospel? The gospel at its very core is, in a way, exclusive—something about which early Christians felt no embarrassment. Their God was awesome in the sense that an earthquake or a thunderstorm is awesome. Our modern age wants God to be awesome in the sense of a favorite teen girl band.

5. C.S. Lewis made subtle but substantive changes to a section in “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” for the Americanized release. I did not know this. Speaking of Lewis, see also Joseph Pearce’s explanation of why people who love both Lewis and Chesterton usually prefer one over the other. I love them both, but Chesterton wins my heart.

6. Brianna Lambert – Longing for Performance. Do you long for your pain to be remembered? Take the hand of the living Redeemer. The scars on his body will never fade or wear away.

7. Leah Hickman – Abortions in the Budget. A 2022 budget proposal from the White House eliminates longstanding pro-life protections.