Podcast Pick of the Week: The most recent season of Real Dictators features a seven-part series on Adolf Hitler.

Kindle Deal: Loveology: God. Love. Marriage. Sex. And the Never-Ending Story of Male and Femaleby John Mark Comer. $1.99. 

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Tim Keller – The Fading of Forgiveness. The main way Christians can be a resource to the broader culture is by restoring the church to being a well-known community of forgiveness and reconciliation.

2. Kevin DeYoung – How Not To Debate Ideas in the Public Square. How does the noble pursuit of truth turn into a hot mess of hurt feelings and recriminations? How should we NOT debate ideas in the public square? Hereare eight bad ideas when it comes to communicating our ideas in public.

3. Lisa LaGeorge – Praying for the Weary PastorA great guide to lifting up shepherds in prayer. Beautiful.

4. Amanda Mull – There’s a Perfect Number of Days to Work from Home. Rumors of the office’s death have been greatly exaggerated, as have those of its triumphal return. Most companies are still deciding exactly what their post-pandemic workspaces look like.

5. This New York Times report shows the accelerating decline of the birth rate in the United States in 2020. Also in the Times, Elizabeth Bruenig makes a countercultural case for young motherhood, using her story as an example.

6. John Mark Yeats – What is the “Greatest Threat” to the Gospel? When we are focused on the supposed threat without understanding the undefeatable power of the gospel, we are tempted to retreat, withdraw, and disengage from the very world that needs the hope that only comes through Jesus.

7. Savvas Costi – Is Artificial Intelligence the New Frontier in the Search for Immortality? Advances in technology seem to increasingly blur the boundary between sci-fi and sci-fact. Is technology really the key to immortality? And would we want it?