Podcast Pick of the Week: 5 Steps When You’re Overwhelmed as a Leader from the Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast.

Kindle Deal: Approaching the End: Eschatological Reflections on Church, Politics, and Life by Stanley Hauerwas. $3.99. 

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Justin Taylor – When Martyn Lloyd-Jones Confronted a Pastor Who Loved Controversy and Denunciation. Iain Murray tells the story, one with much wisdom for our times.

2. Sophia Lee – Border BacktrackingSophia is one of the best reporters on the scene at the border. A Christian, she’s committed to providing facts, political context, and personal stories. This report is no exception.

3. Cameron Hilditch – The Christian Invention of the Human Person. We shouldn’t forget where the idea that we are all equal, unique personalities, each possessed of unfathomable dignity and inviolable rights, came from.

4. Tom Schreiner – How Hyperbole Dulls Our Spiritual Discernment. “I’m increasingly concerned that our hyperbolic exchanges—in person and especially online—are dulling us to actual spiritual danger.”

5. Kasey Moore – The Chronicles of Narnia on Netflix. Everything We Know So Far. Both excited and pretty hesitant about his new adaptation.

6. Daniel Strange – Coming to our Senses: The Case for a Civil Elenctics and an Elenctic CivilityThis essay from Daniel Strange shows why this UK scholar is always worth reading. Plenty of insight and the introduction of new categories of thought.

7. Spencer Case – You Have the Right to Remain Politically Silent. A society in which people must affirm political doctrines in order to maintain employment and respectability is no better than one in which atheists must pretend to accept religion to get by.