Books: Anyone who registers for the TGC 2021 National Conference, whether online or in person, will receive six books, including new books by me, Tim Keller, and Rebecca McLaughlin. See more information here.

Video: If you’re a Southern Baptist, I recommend giving some time to hearing this address from J. D. Greear––his words to the Executive Committee of the SBC on Monday night.

Kindle Deal: The Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt. $2.99.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Yuval Levin – The case for wooden pews. We have become disillusioned and alienated from our institutions not because they are too demanding but because they are not demanding enough. We want to be called to acts of devotion, not just affirmed in acts of expression.

2. Ian Leslie – How to have better arguments online. “Socially, as well as electronically, there are fewer one-way channels than ever. Everyone is starting to talk back to everyone else. If we are becoming more disagreeable, it’s because the modern world demands we speak our minds.”

3. Ryan Burge – Evangelicals in America: The Stats May Surprise You. Theologically orthodox and active evangelicals may be the true remnant inside the larger movement.

4. Ryan T. Anderson – When Amazon Erased My Book. It’s not about how you say it, or how rigorously you argue it, or how charitably you present it. It’s about whether you affirm or dissent from the new orthodoxy of gender ideology.

5. Charles Fain Lehman – 5 Questions with Family Studies: Dr. Sarah Coyne on Social Media and Teen Suicide. Using 10 years of data, this new research study observes a link between girls’ social media use in early adolescence and their risk of suicide later in life.

6. Aaron Earls – Fewer Churches Held In-Person Services in JanuaryThis is the latest update on pastors from Lifeway Research. For some good news on Covid, see Derek Thompson – COVID-19 Cases are dropping fast. Why?

7. Richard Ostling – United Methodists on the clock: Will 2021 see America’s biggest church split since Civil War? The United Methodist Church is on the brink of America’s biggest religious schism since the Civil War, with the conflict centering on sexual morality, biblical authority and theological liberalism.

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