Book News: Rethink Your Self won TGC’s Book Award for Evangelism and Apologetics. A great honor to be on this list with so many other good writers and books! Rethink Your Self is available at LifeWay for $8.99 this week only, and when you get a copy, you also receive This Is Our Time for free. Thank you for supporting writers you find benefit in reading.

Gen Z Apologetics Webinar: Don’t forget to register (it’s free!) for “Gen Z Apologetics in a ‘You Be You’ World”—a webinar hosted by myself and Josh Chatraw on December 14 at 2:00 p.m. Some great questions coming in from more than 500 people who have registered so far.

Podcast Pick of the Week: The Veritas Forum podcast brought together N.T. Wright, Peter Thiel, and moderator Ross Douthat in a discussion on hope, technology, politics, and theology. Fascinating conversation partners.

Kindle Deal: Aching Joy: Following God through the Land of Unanswered Prayer by Jason Hague. $1.99.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Carl R. Trueman – The Truth About Expressive Individualism. “One of the big differences between what we might call Christian expressive individualism and secular expressive individualism is that Christian expressive individualism acknowledges that there may be a problem with that which is inside.”

2. Ivan Mesa – The Gospel Coalition 2020 Book Awards. Check out TGC’s annual book awards. Excited to see Rethink Your Self here! Congratulations to Dane Ortlund, Mary C. Wiley, Jay Kim, Wendy Alsup, and Betsy C. Howard. Some really good books on this list.

3. Aaron Earls – COVID-19 Has Changed Americans’ Christmas Plans, Including Churchgoing. Among American adults who typically go to church during Christmas, 50% say they are as likely to go as any other year, 15% say they are more likely to attend, and 35% of typical Christmas churchgoers are less likely to go this year.

4. Cal Newport – The Rise and Fall of Getting Things Done. Cal Newport, author of Deep Work: “We must acknowledge the futility of trying to tame our frenzied work lives all on our own, and instead ask, collectively, whether there’s a better way to get things done.”

5. Charlie Warzel – What Facebook Fed the Baby Boomers. “What I observed is a platform that gathered our past and present friendships, colleagues, acquaintances and hobbies and slowly turned them into primary news sources. And made us miserable in the process.”

6. Kenneth E. Ortiz – The Lost Giant Among Giants: Lessons from Harold John Ockenga. Harold Ockenga may not be a household name today, but it would not be a stretch to put Ockenga among the most influential pastors of the twentieth century.

7. Mary Jackson – Washington state erases parents from the equation. Since January, children in Washington state ages 13 and up can obtain confidential treatment for mental health conditions and gender dysphoria using their parent’s insurance plan—without their parents’ consent.

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