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Excerpt: “Finding Yourself” is Harder Than You Think. The whole project of looking inside to find yourself is filled with contradictions.

Podcast Pick of the Week: Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley is consistently one of the best programs for civil discussion and debate. This week’s episode featuring Neil Shenvi and Rasool Berry on critical race theory is no exception.

Kindle Deal: God, Do You Really Care?: Finding Strength When He Seems Distant by Tony Evans. $1.99

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. David French – A Conversation with Ron Howard and J.D. Vance. J.D. Vance’s bestselling memoir “Hillbilly Elegy” is now a movie directed by Ron Howard. Here’s a conversation with David French, JD Vance, and Howard himself about making this book into a movie.

2. Aaron Earls – Most Churches Holding Services, Few With Pre-Covid Attendance. The vast majority of U.S. Protestant churches say they are holding in-person services, but churchgoers have yet to attend in the numbers they did before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

3. James Parker – Reading Thomas Jefferson’s Bible. “Jefferson attacked only one copy of the Bible: his own. Not with fire, but with a razor. And not in an act of dizzy desecration, but with a kind of serrated—slightly crazed?—reasonableness.”

4. Michael Allen – Theological Theology. An admiring look at the theological journey of John Webster, “an expositor rather than a conceptual innovator, a dogmatic theologian rather than that very modern theological figure, the creative and revisionary systematician” by Michael Allen.

5. Rachel Seo – Meet the TikTok Generation of Televangelists. Christians on Tik Tok –– a good overview of what’s going on and the promise and peril of spreading the gospel via this app.

6. Rebekah Curtis – Honor Thy Boomer. Boomer-smearing refuses a random demographic the charity we would like to see shown to every other category of humans.

7. Bari Weiss – Stop Being Shocked. Here’s Bari Weiss, someone clearly to the left of center on most political and moral questions, on rising anti-semitism among the new progressives.

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