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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Samuel D. James – Freedom vs Choice. Samuel James interacts with a paragraph from “Rethink Your Self,” and makes a good point about our culture today: “Our post-liberal moment is essentially a reckoning with the dilemma of freedom vs choice.”

2. Alex Kantrowitz – ‘Social Dilemma’ Star Tristan Harris Responds to Criticisms of the Film, Netflix’s Algorithm, and More. A lengthy and revealing interview with Tristan Harris of “The Social Dilemma” answering criticisms of the documentary, with more context around some of the film’s claims.

3. Josh Wester – A closer look at the judicial philosophy of Amy Coney Barrett. A good overview on the judicial outlook of Amy Coney Barrett. See also Kathryn Jean Lopez – Amy Coney Barrett’s Scandal Discovered: She Seeks to Live Real Christianity. “We need more, not fewer people committed to truly living the Christian life. Even if you don’t believe the dogma, you probably want them for your neighbors anyway. Their staggering friendliness — and the Beatitudes — has its benefits.” And don’t miss Alexandra DeSanctis Feminists vs. Amy Coney Barrett. One of the defining characteristics of modern feminists is their brazen insistence on applying their supposedly ironclad pro-woman principles only to women whose views they favor.

4. Bruce Ashford – 3 Ways to Survive and Thrive in a Presidential Election Season. Each of us can do at least three things to survive—and even thrive—in the midst of a presidential election season.

5. Brett McCracken – Steady as the Seasons Change. In an unsteady world, the seasons can bring ballast. God’s creation is like that. It’s a steadying, sublime resource for sanity in an insane world—if we can only turn off our devices long enough to avail ourselves of its gifts.

6. Randy Alcorn – The Cure for Celebrity Christian Culture: Faithfulness over Fame. “When someone thinks too little of me I always remind myself that there are other people who think too much of me. And the court of public opinion isn’t what matters—what matters is what God thinks.”

7. Ryan W. Miller – A grandson of 10th US president John Tyler, who took office in 1841, has died at 95. The grandson of our tenth president, John Tyler (who was born during Washington’s presidency), just died last week. The past is closer than it appears.

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