Video and Transcript: Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Tony Evans via video chat to speak on some of the racial injustice and discrimination issues facing our country and the church. You can watch our discussion or review the transcript here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Podcast Pick: Legal Docket is a spin-off from The World and Everything In It, featuring Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough, as they break down Supreme Court decisions to show us what they really mean. The first episodes are stellar.

Kindle Deal: A Rumor of War: The Classic Vietnam Memoir by Philip Caputo. $2.99.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Bryan Weynand – How to More Wisely Consume News. Christians must recognize how severely much news media today works against our ability to think well and cultivate wisdom.

2. Aaron Earls – What’s Fueling the Divisions in Your Church? Pastors say that churchgoers have vastly different perspectives on handling the pandemic. “Some are scared to death, while others are convinced it’s a hoax,” said one pastor. “Trying to minister to both ends of the spectrum is exhausting.” See also – 5 Biggest Concerns Pastors Have Right Now. As the coronavirus pandemic stretches on, church leaders face new difficulties and lingering problems. In the latest survey, LifeWay Research identified the areas in which Protestant pastors are most likely to say they could use some support. And one more on this topic: Adelle Banks at RNS – Church Conflict during COVID-19 a Growing Worry for Pastors.

3. Andrew Walker – Grace in the Garden. Why confidence in God’s ordered creation is essential to our engagement with the world.

4. Mary Jackson – Pro-lifers swallow the pill. A report on the debate among some pregnancy support centers — should they provide birth control or not? (Count me with those who say “no.” Abortion is, in part, an extension of the contraceptive mentality.) On another front, see the good reporting (as usual) from Emma GreenThe Anti-Abortion-Rights Movement Prepares to Build a Post-Roe World. “As activists move closer to their goal of making abortion illegal, they have started planning for the infrastructure needed for a world with more babies—and recruiting major CEOs to bankroll their cause.”

5. Quina Aragon – But I’ve Never Been Discipled! When Jesus says, ‘Follow me,’ he invites us into a relationship that is personal but not private.

6. Noe Garcia – Entitlement is Poisoning the Church. “Entitled people and entitled behavior destroy the church. It’s the silent killer of the church that creates a monstrous ripple effect in the body.”

7. Philip Jenkins – The Future of World Christianity Is African. “Some parts of the world will retain high rates of both fertility and faith in the coming decades. Those regions will increasingly be the global centers of Christianity.”

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