Podcast Pick: A new season of Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell has begun.

Kindle Deal: Whose Religion Is Christianity?: The Gospel beyond the West by Lamin Sanneh. $1.99.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Melissa Fay Greene – 30 Years Ago, Romania Deprived Thousands of Babies of Human Contact. This past Christmas was the 30th anniversary of the execution of Romania’s last Communist dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu. In 1990, the world discovered his “child gulags,” in which an estimated 170,000 abandoned infants, children, & teens were being raised.

2. George Yancey – A Christian Approach to Moving Beyond Racial Gridlock: An Alternative to Secular “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” Ideologies. I have benefited from the work of George Yancey when it comes to racial justice as well as Christianophobia. Here is a summary of a talk on the former.

3. Darryl Dash – Learning from the Pandemic as We Start to Regather. Francis Grimké’s address, given after churches resumed gatherings but before the end of the outbreak of influenza in 1918, provides a model for addressing our own churches as we start to regather.

4. Juan R. Sanchez – 4 Reasons to Preach the Psalms to Ourselves. A good word from Juan Sanchez about the treasure of the psalms.

5. Izabella Tabarovsky – The American Soviet Mentality. “From my vantage point, this cultural moment in these United States feels incredibly precarious. The practice of collective condemnation feels like an assertion of a culture that ultimately tramples on the individual and creates an oppressive society.” See also Megan BashamWhen cancel culture comes to newsrooms. “We’re cowering under the sick mutation of Andy Warhol’s famed prediction—soon everyone will be canceled for 15 minutes.”

6. Tim Chester – 10 Things You Should Know about John Stott. One of the leaders from 20th century evangelicalism I most admire.

7. Jesse Johnson – Summer reading for Middle School students: The Wilderking. I second this recommendation. My oldest son (who turned 16 yesterday) and I read these books together a few years ago and loved them.