I am going to be offline the rest of this week and next, taking a some time off to be with the family during the week we normally go on vacation. Hopefully you’ll enjoy some of these resources as you finish out my favorite month of the year!

Podcast Pick: If you’re a Beatles fan, you’ll enjoy the Compleatly Beatles podcast from 2014. I recently listened to all of these episodes, which cover every Beatles album (and song) from Please Please Me to Abbey Road (with a bonus episode on the movies also). It’s remarkable how many amazing songs were written and recorded by a band in a 6-year span of time. The podcast features interesting commentary from a die-hard fan, in conversation with the cohost who is a more casual fan.

Kindle Deal: A. W. Tozer’s classic The Pursuit of God is free this week.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Jared Wilson – There is No Faith So Little That It Is Not Saving. Such a good reminder from Jared Wilson, especially when you feel your faith is frail.

2. Stephen Greenblatt – What Shakespeare Actually Wrote About the PlagueShakespeare lived his entire life in the shadow of  bubonic plague. There were particularly severe outbreaks of plague in 1582, 1592-93, 1603-04, 1606, and 1608-09.

3. Blake Mayes – Sitting Till Bedtime: The Cultivation of Common Life. Thank you John Starke for pointing readers to this article on storytelling and culture-making, and the opportunity to develop new (old) rhythms in these strange times.

4. Marian L. Tupy – COVID-19 Should Make Us Grateful for Technology. Here’s something to consider—imagine if the pandemic we are now facing had happened in a different era. Despite all its drawbacks, technology still helps in many ways.

5. Lilly Park – 5 Common Mistakes When Counseling Others. Often when our friends and family members are going through a hard time, we try our best to support and encourage them, but we don’t always go about it in the best way.

6. Sarah Isgur – A Guide to the 10 Biggest Supreme Court Cases of This Term. A top-ten list for all of you Supreme Court nerds out there (and that includes me).

7. David W. Fagerberg – The Essential Chesterton. Until we are grateful, we will not find the world miraculous; until we find the world miraculous, we will not find it important; until we find the world important, we will not be happy here.