I’m looking for an editorial coordinator who would work closely with me in my role at LifeWay. Here are more details, and the way to apply for this position.

Podcast Pick of the Week: I enjoyed this conversation on Unbelievable with Douglas Murray (author of The Madness of Crowds) and Esther O’Reilly on the subject of “Christian atheism.”

Kindle Deal: The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside your Door by Jay Paythak and Dave Runyon. $1.59.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Ray Ortlund – Your Ministry Will Take a Lifetime: My Counsel for Younger MenThis is for every young man in ministry who feels restless and eager and ambitious (with godly ambition) for more opportunities to make his mark for Christ. 

2. Jonathan Evans’ Eulogy for His Mother, LoisI hope you will continue to pray for Dr. Tony Evans and his family and church as they mourn the loss of his wife, Lois, over the Christmas holiday. Here’s a powerful moment from Jonathan Evans’ eulogy that will challenge and encourage you. 

3.  Amanda Mull – Stop Believing in Free Shipping. An interesting look in The Atlantic at the myth of “free shipping.” 

4. You may have heard that the United Methodists are considering a plan that would split their denomination. Here’s an explainer, and then here’s a response from Tim Tennent, president of Asbury Seminary.

5. Ben Mandrell – 5 Necessities for Engaging Skeptics with the GospelCaring for a skeptic of the gospel often means offering a listening ear before we offer biblical commentary.

6. Joseph Epstein – Bodily Curiosities. One of my favorite essayists reviews a book about the amazing nature of the human book. The review is fascinating. And so is the book!

7. Well, these articles may be surprising. The first explains why the “eBook” revolution plateaued and did not overtake print books. The second reports on Vinyl outselling CDs for the first time in the Nielsen era.