Podcast pick for the week: Michael Bird joined N. T. Wright and Justin Brierley on an episode of Ask NT Wright Anything, to discuss the highly anticipated academic release The New Testament In Its World. 

Kindle Deal: The Lost Art of Disciple Making by Leroy Eims. $1.99.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Noe Garcia – Entitlement is Poisoning the ChurchWhen the seed of bitterness is planted the fruit of entitlement is produced.

2. Ed Stetzer and Laurie Nichols – John Crist, Failure, and Warnings to Heed for Christian Leaders. It is time for all of us, church, to hear and heed the warning of failure.

3. Scott Barry Kaufman – Are You a Moral Grandstander? New research suggests that moral grandstanding may be a major source of conflict in the world today.

4. Darryl Dash – Good Firefighters Don’t RushHurry robs us of our ability to love God and others and to think clearly. It makes us irritable. Hurry is the enemy of our souls.

5. Burk Parsons – Gratitude and Entitlement. We do well to remember that the road to abiding gratefulness is often paved with hardship that rids our hearts of any sense of entitlement. 

6. Erica L. Green and Dana Goldstein – Reading Scores on National Exam Decline in Half the States.  The results of the test, which assesses a sample of fourth- and eighth-grade students, will inevitably prompt demands for policy change.

7. Mindy Belz – Calling It QuitsSyria marks the end of functioning NATO and with it, the security of numbers.