Trevin’s Seven


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LifeWay Voices launched this week. Excited to see this new site!

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Pray for our brothers and sisters in China. Here are four disturbing reports coming out of the Communist nation.

2. D. A. Carson – The Gospel Coalition is a CoalitionA good overview of what TGC is and how it works, and the relationship of those of us who write columns here and the rest of the organization.

3. Marvin Olasky, Sophia Lee, and Emily Belz – Crouching at Every Door. Sexual abuse is a problem in both Roman Catholic and Protestant churches—and here are three environments in which Protestants are especially vulnerable

4. Allan Carlson – Errands into the Moral Wilderness. “A vast moral wilderness looms again. Even so, I can predict—or dare I say in this setting, I prophesy—that a successful new Christian errand to reform and renew the family will arise as it has before.”

5. Americans are Shifting the Rest of Their Identity to Match Their PoliticsAn important inversion that has major implications for our societal discourse.

6. Kristen Padilla – No Woman’s Chit-chat. Argula von Grumbach as prophetess, writer, and defender of the Reformation

7. Erin Wildermuth – The Science of Decision Fatigue. Not every decision needs to be made now. In fact, some never need to be made again.