Podcast Pick for the Week: On this week’s episode of The Habit: Conversations with Writers about Writing, Jonathan Rogers interviewed James K. A. Smith about his new book on Augustine. Two of my favorite writers talking about two of my favorite subjects (writing and Augustine!).

Kindle Deal:  It Happened in Italy: Untold Stories of How the People of Italy Defied the Horrors of the Holocaust by Elizabeth Bettina. $1.99.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Michael McClymond – David Bentley Hart’s Lonely Last Stand for Christian UniversalismBelief in universal salvation will, in all likelihood, remain in the future, as in the past, a private conviction nurtured among a deracinated intellectual elite, situated more on the fringes than in the center of the church’s life.

2. Lanie Anderson – Let’s Stop Playing Guilt-by-Association GamesIf we are called to love our enemies, how much more should we love people with whom we have strong disagreements?

3. Matt Hall – 3 Things I’ve Learned from Carl HenryThe only way that’s possible is to go to bed at night with a confidence anchored in truth that the God who speaks is also the God who saves.

4. Jia Tolentino – How TikTok Holds Our AttentionA good introduction to an app that is very popular among young people. What is it, why is it popular, what does it do?

5. Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra – Leadership Lessons from Chick-fil-A. Why the fast-food restaurant that inspires such an unlikely level of loyalty among both employees and also customers—and what lessons it can teach the church.

6. Darryl Dash – The Brokenhearted Pastor. “I thought I could pastor without it. No more. If you’re a pastor, you’re going to have to learn pastor sometimes with a broken heart.”

7. Nigel Biggar – The Naked Emperors of British Academia. “Much criticism of my work on ethics and empire is at best misguided and at worst wilful misrepresentation.”