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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Christianity Today – LifeWay’s Stores are Closing, but Its Books will be in More Bookstores than EverLifeWay’s 170 stores were located in 30 states. The 290 authorized dealers are in 44 states, to date, and Humphrey said he hopes there will ultimately be a LifeWay-branded shelf “in driving distance for everybody in the United States.”

2. Mary Eberstadt – The Great ScatteringHow identity panic took root in the void once occupied by family life.

3. Scott Sauls – The Church: Love It, Don’t Leave ItThe Church is the chosen, beloved Bride of Christ. What does it say about us if the church is good enough for the Father to adopt, for the Spirit to inhabit, and for Jesus to marry … but not good enough for us to join?

4. Louis Markos – The Rise of the Bible-Teaching, Plato-Loving, Homeschool ElitesHow evangelicals are becoming the new champions of the pagan classics.

5. Dan Chiasson – Reader, I Googled It. Amid fears about the death of books, finding new ways to bring them to life.

6. Daryl Crouch – 4 Ways to Balance Leading the Church and Loving the CommunityPastors are measured by the progress of our church, but what happens to our daily schedule if we move from the question, “How’s your church?” to “How’s your city?”

7. Molly Worthen – Can We Guarantee that Colleges are Intellectually Diverse? Politicians and donors want to impose one set of solutions. Schools around the country are trying to find their own way.