My pick for #1 favorite read of 2015 is this week’s Kindle Deal: Faith Speaking Understanding: Performing the Drama of Doctrine by Kevin Vanhoozer. $2.99.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Gavin Ortlund – Humility is Not Hating YourselfWe think humility is an impossible burden, but in reality it is as light as a feather. It is pride that makes life gray and drab; humility brings out the color.

2. Cam Triggs – Urban Apologetics: As Culture Evolves, So Does Our Approach. Many philosophies, cults, and false religions arise to defeat the hopeless nihilism that threatens urban existence. In response, urban apologetics doesn’t need to merely generate new content; we must also generate contextual methodology that effectively communicates the truth of the gospel, that fuses worldviews with doorsteps.

3. Andrea Palpant Dilley – Celebrate Sexual Ethics. Don’t Apologize for ThemWe can take pride and joy in the historic, biblical view of human sexuality.

4. George Yancey – Is There Really Anti-Christian Discrimination in America? Are anti-Christian attitudes widespread, or are we talking about a couple of nutcases?

5. Marvin Olasky – Blaine, Blaine, Short-sighted Briber from the State of MaineState constitutional roadblocks to school choice grew out of anti-Catholic hostility and the myth of educational neutrality.

6. Natalia Dashan – The Real Problem at Yale is Not Free SpeechA long form essay about an institution and an elite that have lost themselves. 

7. Kalefa Sanneh – The Fight to Redefine RacismIf you want to see how secular scholars are debating and defining (and redefining) race, this review is a good start. At what point does a label like “racist” lose all meaning? Without common language, there won’t be common ground.