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1. Kevin DeYoung – Distinguishing Marks of a Quarrelsome PersonWhat does a quarrelsome person look like? What are his (or her) distinguishing marks? Here are twelve possibilities.

2. Carl Trueman – Blessing When CursedTrueman weighs in on the ongoing debate between conservatives over the pragmatic possibilities of civility and decency in how we handle ourselves.

3. George Yancey – Wokeness and Legalism. “I fear that failure to recognize the religious nature of secular ideologies creates real and troubling concerns.”

4. I’m excited to see this — The Gospel of Mark on film, in Koine Greek. 

5. Charles Cooke – Socialism is Not DemocraticHistory has shown us that socialism exhibits three core defects from which it cannot escape and which its champions cannot avoid.

6. Janie B. Cheaney – A “Positive Good?” Pro-abortion rhetoric is starting to sound like the antebellum defense of slavery.

7. Trevor Sutton – Is Our Visual Age Making You Blind? If we look at our smartphones and televisions way too much, what are we not looking at enough?