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1. Rebecca McLaughlin – 20 Quotes on the Hardest Questions Christians FaceThese come from an excellent book — one of my favorites so far this year. 

2. Stephen Woodworth – Why do some pastors sabotage their own ministries? While many pastors handle the burden of ministry with grace for decades, why do some crash and burn in only a few years?

3. I was honored to serve with a great group of Southern Baptists on the resolutions committee of the SBC this year, under the excellent leadership of Dr. Curtis Woods. Here is a list with links to the full text of the resolutions that were passed.

4. Also in SBC-related news, here are ten takeaways from the Sexual Abuse Advisory Group’s report.

5. Chrissy Clark – Kirsten Gillibrand Compares Pro-Life Views to RacismWhen half of Americans call themselves pro-life, to suggest that being pro-life is radical in any way, shape, or form is not only false but the height of hubris.

6. Mark Galli – Monomaniacs for GodWhat it looks like when people remember their greatest love.

7. Louis Menand – “1984” At Seventy: Why We Still Read Orwell’s Book of Prophecy“1984” is obviously a Cold War book, but the Cold War ended thirty years ago. What accounts for its staying power?