Trevin’s Seven


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1 June Cheng – Free at LastThe 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre finds many leaders of the protest now laboring for Christ. See also the story behind the iconic “Tank Man” photo.

2. The Gulag Archipelago in RomaniaIn the years I lived there, I heard stories like this one, but here’s a good example of Communist authoritarianism at its most evil.

3. Aaron Earls – Surprising study shows millennial evangelicals more likely to attend church than other generationsKeep in mind this is self-reporting and it is self-identifying evangelicals, but still, a surprise.

4. Matthew Continetti – Making Sense of the New American Right. Keeping track of the Jacksonians, Reformicons, Paleos, and Post-liberals. 

5. Victor Cruz – Religious Metaphors for the Christian Life. See also this article on athletic metaphors for the Christian life.

6. I’m excited to see this new curriculum – Church Cares –  from LifeWay and the ERLC that will equip churches to care well for the abused. Many of these resources are being given away or at cost.

7. Ross Douthat – Clarence Thomas’ Dangerous IdeaDoes anything link the eugenics of the past to abortion today?