Podcast: Earlier this week, I was a guest on Bill Delvaux’s Heroic podcast, which focuses on the path to true manhood in light of Christianity. We discussed the nature of prayer, and we got specific into questions about my prayer life and how it connects to my work and ministry. This was a thoroughly enjoyable conversation, and I hope you find it inspiring and informative. You can find Bill’s book, Heroic, here.

Kindle Deal: Christianity: The Biography. 2000 Years of Global History by Ian Shaw. $3.99.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Eric Geiger – 3 Practical Challenges of Less Frequent Church AttendanceA big shift has occurred in the last several years around frequency of church attendance and here are three challenges for us ministry leaders.

2. Ashley Gorman – Let the Outrage Culture Help You Share the Good NewsFor all the fearsome aspects of the outrage culture, there is one surprisingly redemptive thing about it that Christians can use for good: It reveals biblical truth.

3. Alexis Madrigal – Twitter is Not AmericaAnd we can all sigh here and say, “Thank the Lord.”

4. Sophia Lee – Dangerous Journeys, Contentious Crossings. Migrant families desperate to flee gang violence and an administration determined to stop illegal immigration are adding up to a crisis on the border.

5. Helen Andrews – Where are the socially conservative women in this fight? Four decades after the death of the Equal Rights Amendment, Phyllis Schlafly has many descendants, but no heirs.

6. Brandon Smith – Evangelicals Must Not Ignore the Church FathersMay we continue to recover and retrieve pre-Reformation theology and tradition, keeping our denominational distinctiveness without sacrificing our Christian theological heritage.

7. Teen suicide rates spiked after debut of Netflix show ’13 Reasons Why.’ Very sad, and not surprising. Here’s what I wrote about the destructive and deceptive nature of this show when it first came out.