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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. June Cheng and Fenggang Yang – Persevering Saints. Repressing Christians in China may be harder than government officials think.

2. Scott Slayton – Why You Should Live in the Psalms. Here five reasons that our hurried and forgetful hearts need to live in the Psalms for a while.

3. Jen Wilkin – What Student Ministry Really Needs? Homework. Students understand that what is important is worth our time and effort to attain. They regularly invest long hours, not just in their schoolwork, but in their sports team, music lessons, dance classes, or jobs. When the church says, “We know you’re busy. Just invest a little time in the Bible,” students understandably infer Christian discipleship falls below their other commitments.

4. Keep Up Your Greek Day By Day. I bought this little book of “Biblical Greek in 2 minutes a day” when I was at ETS a couple weeks ago. I also recommend the Daily Dose of Greek video email. Pastors, let’s not let our knowledge of the original languages slide.

5. Thirteen Things a Pastor Should Never Say to a CongregationIn addition to the obvious no-no’s, such as profanity, heresy, racism, sexism, and the like, no pastor should ever be heard to utter any of the following from the pulpit.

6. Paul Bloom in The New Yorker – The Root of All Cruelty. Perpetrators of violence, we’re told, dehumanize their victims. The truth is worse.

7. Benjamin Myers – The Christian University as Steward of Western Civilization. The main reason Western civilization, with an emphasis on “Great Books,” deserves a prominent—indeed, the prominent—place in the curriculum of the Christian university is stewardship: This study is how we lay claim to our rightful inheritance of wisdom, nobility, and gracefulness…