Trevin’s Seven


Video: Russ Moore, Scott Sauls, and I discuss the question, “Should Christian Parents Ever Give Their Kids a Smartphone?”

Kindle Deal: Making Sense of God: Finding God in the Modern World by Tim Keller. $2.99.

Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. John Inazu – Why I’m Still Confident about ‘Confident Pluralism.’ The past two years have only strengthened my belief that tolerance, humility, and patience can help heal our fractious public life.

2. Caleb Whitmer – 70 Years Ago, Whittaker Chambers Stood Courageously As A ‘Witness’ Against Totalitarian Propaganda. The praise of this book as a ‘cold war classic’ is deserved. 

3. Silvia Foster-Frau – The Gunman’s Wife. Tied to her bed, Danielle Kelley could do nothing to stop her husband, Devin Kelley, from committing the Sutherland Springs church massacre.

4. Dan Bilefsky – Where Churches Have Become Temples of Cheese, Fitness, and Eroticism. Dozens of churches across Quebec have been transformed — into university reading rooms, luxury condominiums, cheese emporiums and upmarket fitness centers.

5. Twenty Quotes from Francis Grimké on Preaching. Francis Grimké (1850–1937), the son of a slave owner and a slave, faithfully pastored 15th Street Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C., until 1928. 

6. Brianna Lambert – Telling the Old Story in a World that Craves the New. The world jumps over itself for what’s edgy, new, and creative. Yet for believers, we have an old and unchanging story to tell. ­­

7. John Stott – Evangelism Plus. The global leader offers his thoughts on the state of evangelicalism, just five years before his death.