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Seven of the best articles I came across this week:

1. Bruce Ashford – The One Thing Billy Graham Would Want Us To RememberAs we celebrate the life and legacy of this great man, let’s honor him by keeping our focus on what he would have wanted.

2. Nancy Guthrie – The Slow Burn of BitternessIt’s only when we begin to see clearly the enormity of our offense against God, as well as the generosity of His forgiveness toward us, that the bitterness that has gripped our hearts can begin to be dislodged.

3. Carl Trueman – My Protestant Oscar PredictionsInsight and wit from Trueman leading up to this weekend’s festivities.

4. Maura Roan McKeegan – Why Young Readers Need New BooksGood insight here on raising the next generation of readers.

5. Tony Reinke – A Movie So Good It Ruins You (Would You Watch It?)Tony sets up a scenario that leads to some piercing questions about the place for technology in our lives.

6. Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra – “An Unlikely Ally:” What a Secular Atheist is Teaching Christian LeadersI’ve reviewed Haidt’s work on the blog before. This is a great overview of why so many find his work illuminating.

7. Thomas Ascik – Why Not Wife-Swapping? The Supreme Court didn’t hear this case, but based on logic of past decisions, there’s no a good reason why.