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Here are seven of the best articles that I came across this week:

1. Mary McCampbell – Policing with Embrace: How Officer Norman Loves His CommunityI just love this story. It’s been a difficult year for law enforcement officers, and we need to lift up the examples of ordinary heroes like this.

2. Welcome to the New Dark Ages! An atheist calls out intolerance toward dissenters to same-sex marriage supporters. Brendan O’Neill, the editor of Spiked, a “godless Brit,” argues that something terrifying has happened during the past five years: a belief that was held by virtually all human beings for centuries has been rebranded as bigotry, something that may no longer be expressed in polite society.

3. D. A. Horton – Biblical Exposition and MillennialsIt encourages me to see fellow millennials like D.A. seeking to mobilize our generation through sound, exegetical preaching.

4. Brandon Clements – What the Planned Parenthood Videos Tell Us about UsBrandon shows how the horrifying carnage of abortion is our country’s sacrifice for maintaining our disordered loves. Powerful and provoking.

5. Joel Miller – What Tolkien and Lewis Teach Us about Surviving Difficult TimesWorld War I had a large effect on both these authors from the 20th century. Miller explains how we benefit from their trials today.

6. LifeWay Research – Divorce Divides More Than Just FamiliesPastors are all over the place on the issue of divorce, when it is justified, and who they will remarry.

7. Judith Shulevitz in the New York Times – In College and Hiding From Scary IdeasLast week, I wrote about Jonathan Haidt’s claim we are “coddling” the American mind. Here is another article that shows the silliness of this kind of education.