Trevin's Prayer Room




Several years ago, I found my prayer life was becoming dry. I had a list of requests, but no overall structure in which to present them. At the end of my prayer times, instead of feeling strengthened and nourished, I felt guilty and deflated. I seemed to be saying the same “spontaneous” prayers over and over again, without much meaning to my words.

A good friend gave me The Book of Common Prayer as a help to my prayer life. Written prayers were new to me. But they reinvigorated my prayer life. I approached the written prayers of past saints much as a child trying on the shoes of his dad. Would my feet ever fit into the spiritual shoes of the giants who have gone before me? I decided to pray those prayers, to pray Scripture, to pray the psalms, and to let my prayer life be shaped by the beauty of the written word.

Over the years, I have collected the prayers and Scriptures that have been most meaningful to me. I have put together a booklet that contains these prayers and Scriptures in an orderly fashion. The booklet covers one week – four times a day, with certain emphases for each day. Sunday focuses on the Resurrection; Monday – our earthly labor; Tuesday – God’s Kingdom; Wednesday – the Holy Spirit and the cost of discipleship; Thursday – Jesus’ ministry; Friday – the Cross; and Saturday – the Church and the longing for Christ’s return.

I pray you are encouraged by stopping by this “prayer room” and praying along with me. If a prayer book dries up your communion with God, toss it out. But maybe, just maybe, you will find yourself reinvigorated as well.