Below is the video from one of my talks at The Gospel Coalition’s National Conference: “Signs of Hope for the Next Generation.”

It’s dangerous to look at the next generation and see only signs of hope, just as it’s dangerous to look at the next generation and see only causes for alarm. Every generation faces its share of challenges and opportunities. (Often, the opportunity is found in the challenge.)

No generation is the greatest or last hope for Christianity, because generations aren’t where we put our hope anyway. The God of the gospel is our hope. The resurrection power of Jesus is our hope. The indwelling of the Spirit is our hope.

Trusting God as the sovereign ruler of the world who is at work today just as he has been in the past, I point out three signs that give me hope for the next generation, because they are evidences of the Lord’s grace to us.

1. Younger Christians expect to be a counter-cultural minority.

2. Young people thrive in churches that do the best job with the basics.

3. Younger Christians are learning to distinguish the gospel from moralistic therapeutic deism.

I also shared one overarching concern: a diminishment of urgency in evangelism due, in part, to less concern about eternal condemnation.

Watch the whole video here.