Paradise Invades the Stench of Death


GUERCINOAthanasius on the resurrection of Lazarus:

“Come forth.”

See, I am standing by you.

I am your Lord.

You are the work of My hands.

Why have You not known me, because in the beginning I Myself formed Adam from the earth and gave him breath?

Open your mouth yourself so that I may give you breath.

Stand on your feet and receive strength for yourself. For I am the strength of the whole creation.

Stretch out your hands, and I shall give them strength. For I am the straight staff.

I command the foul odor to depart from you. For I am the sweet odor of the trees of paradise.

Behold, the prophecy of Isaiah the prophet will be fulfilled in you, namely, “I shall open your tombs, and I shall bring you forth.”

quoted in On the Way to the Cross

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