Our Relation to the Church: We Are Servants



Charles Spurgeon:

My brethren, what is our relation to this church? What is our position in it?

We are servants.

May we always know our place, and keep it! The highest place in the church will always come to the man who willingly chooses the lowest; while he that aspires to be great among his brethren will sink to be least of all.

Certain men might have been something if they had not thought themselves so. A consciously great man is an evidently little one.

A lord over God’s heritage is a base usurper. He that in his heart and soul is always ready to serve the very least of the family; who expects to be put upon; and willingly sacrifices reputation and friendship for Christ’s sake, he shall fulfill a heaven-sent ministry. We are not sent to be ministered unto, but to minister.

Charles Spurgeon, The Greatest Fight in the World: The Final Manifesto

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