God, my Father,
Thank you for beginning in me
this process of being conformed into the image of your Son.
Thank you for delivering me from the power of sin,
crucifying my flesh and its desires.
Thank you for making possible my living unto you –
a life of faith in your Son, who gave himself for me.

Lord, it is disheartening at times to know that,
though I have been crucified with you,
I still battle temptations to sin.
I often live as if your victory on the cross were imaginary, 
and instead of bask in your victory, I wallow in my defeat.

Help me to take courage when facing spiritual battles,
knowing that you have the power to put to death my fleshly desires.
Continue to stomp out my pride,
my self-centered nature, my wandering will,
and my stubbornness.
I want to become less and less,
in order that you may increase.

May you fill me with your Holy Spirit,
so that I will die daily to myself,
in order that you may live ever more fully within me and through me,
through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Trevin Wax