The Nigerian missionary needs money quick!

Sign the petition or Hollywood is going to make a movie depicting Jesus as a homosexual!

Write congress and tell them to stop Madelyn Murray O’Hair from shutting down all Christian broadcasters!

The list goes on. Our inbox fills up with forwarded messages from well-intentioned people. Sometimes there are urgent prayer requests, petitions, chain letters (you don’t love Jesus if you don’t send this on…), etc.

But the ones that bother me most are the blatantly false messages that gullible Christians believe. As Christians, we claim to be people of Truth. After all, Jesus declared that He is the Truth. Furthermore, we have truth revealed to us in God’s Word. We of all people should prize and uphold Truth.

Why settle for anything less when it comes to email forwards and prayer requests? Why send on an email without verifying the source? Why are we so quick to believe everything that comes our way?

My plea is to well-intentioned Christians who are too quick to hit the “forward” button without checking the truthfulness of the message. Verify. Test. TruthorFiction.com is a terrific place to start when concerned about an email message. Don’t just click “send” without checking. Truth matters.

(Now, if you really love Jesus, you’ll send this message to everyone in your address book.) Just Kidding.

written by Trevin Wax  © 2007 Kingdom People blog