For almost two years now, I have been steadily gathering a number of definitions of “the gospel” in an ongoing series entitled “Gospel Definitions.” As far as I know, this is the largest grouping of gospel definitions on the internet today.

This post includes links to dozens of definitions of “the gospel.” I have alphabetized the ones that are by name, and I have separated the ones that come from groups, ministries, and confessions of faith. (See a PDF version of all of them.)

Definitions from Christians in the Past

Gilbert Beebe

F.F. Bruce

Jeremiah Burroughs

W.A. Criswell

C.H. Dodd

Robert A. Guelich

J. Hampton Keathley

George Eldon Ladd

Martin Luther

M.F. Sadler

Richard Sibbes

William Tyndale

Zacharias Ursinus

Definitions from Christians in the Present

Danny Akin

Craig Bartholomew

Alistair Begg

Jim Belcher

Pope Benedict XVI

Michael Bird

John Blanchard

Lorraine Boettner

C.C. Broyles

Robert F. Capon

D.A. Carson

Knox Chamblin

Andy Crouch

Mark Dever

David Dockery

Millard Erickson

Graeme Goldsworthy

Tim Keller

A.B. Luter, Jr.

Rick McKinley

Scot McKnight

Mike Mercer (Chaplain Mike)

Josh Moody

Roger Nicole

J.I. Packer

Darrin Patrick

Michael Patton

John Piper

Jeff Purswell

R.C. Sproul

Ed Stetzer

Sam Storms

Tullian Tchividjian

Derek Thomas

Joe Thorn

Steve Timmis

Allen Wakabayashi

Derek Webb

Michael Wittmer

N.T. Wright

Organizational and Corporate Definitions

Antioch Network

Evangelical Celebration


The Gospel Coalition

Evangelical Dictionary of Theology

Heart Cry

IVP Dictionary of the New Testament

Sovereign Grace Ministries

Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia

Kingdom People Articles on “The Gospel”

The Trinitarian Gospel: Why We Need All Three Parts

The Gospel of God: Personal Atonement or Christ’s Kingdom?

Don’t Replace the Substitute

Gospel Confrontation and Gospel Comfort