Cyprian’s Prayer for Perseverance through Persecution


92martyrs2Cyprian of Carthage lived during a terrible time of persecution. This prayer was answered after he died as a martyr in 258. I am posting it today in honor of believers around the world who are suffering for their faith.

We believe and trust, Lord,
that at the time of terrible persecution,
You will hear and answer our prayers
with the utmost urgency.

We pray with all our hearts
that You will give us courage
to remain true to the gospel,
and proclaim Your name right up till the moment of death.

Then may we emerge from the snares of this world
with our souls unscathed,
and rise from the darkness of the world
into Your glorious light.

As we have been linked together by love and peace,
and together we have endured persecution,
may we rejoice together in the kingdom of heaven.

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