For me, one of the highlights of this year’s Southern Baptist Convention meeting was participating in a Gospel Project-sponsored panel discussion on Christ-centered preaching and teaching.

Ed Stetzer, Eric Hankins, Jonathan Akin, and I were joined by more than 300 pastors and church leaders for a breakfast meeting devoted to discussing the New Testament’s use of the Old, the appropriate ways of leading people to Christ from Old Testament stories, and the difficulties and dangers of applying this hermeneutic in irresponsible ways.

The audio from the panel discussion is now available. (The microphones are not all of equal setting, so you may have to adjust the volume on your speakers a little.) I hope it is beneficial to those of you who seek to preach and teach the Scriptures faithfully each week.

Christ-Centered Teaching and Preaching – Panel Discussion, SBC 13

Also of interest, Ed Stetzer is hosting an ongoing blog discussion on Christ-centered preaching with Daniel Block, David Murray, Bryan Chapell, and Walt Kaiser. The first installment is now available.