This weekend, I had the privilege of sitting under not one but two excellent sermons on Jesus’ interaction with the Herodians and Pharisees who asked: “Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?”

On Friday, Dr. Robert Godfrey meditated on Matthew 22:15-22 in a sermon called “Christ, Kingdom, and Culture” at the Ligonier Regional Conference in Washington, D.C.  You can read a re-cap of this sermon at the Ligonier blog.  Godfrey helped us think about the duality of Christian existence.  We are at once citizens of heaven and citizens of an earthly realm.  How we may respond to various situations depend upon our understanding this duality well.  I really enjoy being around Dr. Godfrey.  He doesn’t know a thing about baptism and is a certifiable nut! (in the very best, loving, and complimentary sense of that term)

On Sunday, Dr. Mark Dever delivered an outstanding exposition of Mark 12:13-17.  It was a biblical theology of Christians and the state, at once full of unction, intellectually challenging, and affecting the heart.  I’ve heard a lot of Mark’s preaching, but I don’ t know that I’ve ever heard him better.  You can listen to the sermon here.  My favorite line: “Christians are, by God’s grace, cockroaches.  We can survive anything.”  I’ll bet that wasn’t what you saw in the mirror this morning!