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My brother and friend, Dave Harvey, has thought a lot about pastoral calling and pastoral ministry. He’s served faithfully for a number of years and now he’s looking to encourage the church world with a new web ministry called “Am I Called?” ( You’re going to want to take advantage of the wisdom and resources at this site.

From the site:

What if there was a credible website curated by an experienced pastor dedicated to helping men, their pastors and their church in this exciting journey?  What if there was a resource that would help some resolve the question of eldership and free them to serve contentedly as deacons in their local church? What if there was a site available to bible schools, training schools, mission agencies and seminaries that would serve potential applicants, so that the right men enter the right programs, and then graduate to start ministries that last?  What if there was a domain which could speed men along in their journey to settle the question, “Am I called to ministry?”

Here’s Dave explaining his vision for the site:

Dave has also published a helpful little book by the same title, Am I Called? For a limited time, Crossway Books is offering a special deal on the book Am I Called? From 8/3 – 8/17, you can get 50% of the paperback version of the book and get the e-book for 99 cents! To get the deal, you must go through this specific link. 

Check out the site and let others know about it!

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