I love hanging out with pastors, talking about preaching, church, books and the like. And I love talking a little smack with my friends. Put the two together and you have a wonderful time of fellowship, fun and edification.

That’s why I’m thrilled to join two of my best friends and favorite people, Pastor Louis Love of New Life Fellowship Church (Vernon Hills, IL) and Pastor Anthony Carter of East Point Church (Atlanta, GA), in launching a new website called The Front Porch.

What’s The Front Porch about?

We’re about “conversations about biblical faithfulness in African-American churches and beyond.”

We do a lot of laughing… a fair amount of celebrating… and some probing reflection. We do it all because we love that part of Christ’s Church called “the Black Church” and we want to see her thrive, building on the best of her history and reforming weak spots according to the word of God. Tony captures the spirit behind TFP here. The three of us share some of our hopes in this video:

Perhaps you grew up in a house or a neighborhood where people gathered on the porch for the day’s events, a cool drink and a little encouragement. If so, you know what we’re after. If you’re looking for edifying conversation and a lot of laughs with the great and glorious family called “the Church,” then join us on The Front Porch!