C.J. Mahaney shares some reflections on a recent endorsement of I Kissed Dating Goodbye by a self-described liberal feminist professor at Boston University. The professor, writing in Christianity Today, observes among very liberal and immodest collegians a real hunger for resources on modesty. When they read Harris’ book, they leave thinking positively about modesty and helped to see the crudeness of campus culture. What a thrilling thing to see the Lord use I Kissed Dating Goodbye in the lives of many young people in the university, the epicenter of cultural, sexual, and moral confusion.

A good brother here, Paul Thompson, has been grinding slowly through the book with about 20 twenty-somethings here in Cayman. In a sometimes decadent and sensuous “island paradise” culture, it’s been praiseworthy to see the Lord use the book and Paul’s love for the young people here to challenge long-standing, unexamined ideas here as well. I praise the Lord for moving Josh to write this and for making it fruitful in the lives of so many who need it.