When Talking to Ourselves Is a Good Thing

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.” Psalm 62:5

Lord Jesus, (1) we can talk to ourselves contemptuously, heaping on blame and shame (as though there is no Gospel). (2) We can talk to ourselves arrogantly, reminding ourselves of our awesomeness and self-sufficiency (an illusion, needing re-inflating every day).

Or (3) we can talk to ourselves like King David did. We choose door #3 today, and hopefully, every day. Not as murmurers, babblers, or blowhards, but as those who belong to you, by creation and redemption, we call ourselves to Gospel sanity.

Jesus, you promise a rest you alone can provide. You give a hope only you can guarantee. So, on this Tuesday in May—not in a “mind over matter” fashion, but in a “Gospel-over-all-things” reality, we say to ourselves…

“Anxious self, find your rest today in Jesus, alone. Take your restlessness to the One who gave you birth and new birth, a new heart and his perfect record—the One who won your peace and is your peace—to the One at work in all things for your good, and is making all things new.”

“Vulnerable heart-O-mine, don’t plug your “peace-cord” into mere people. Don’t hitch your “hope-wagon” to burros without legs. Only Jesus knows you thoroughly, and loves you totally. He is all you need, and you are truly his.”

Lord Jesus, we offer ourselves and our prayer gratefully, in your grace-full name, Amen.