We’re Simultaneously Worshippers and Whiners

“Take delight in the Lord” Ps. 37:4

Heavenly Father, until the Day you bring us Home, we’re gonna be both worshipers and whiners. Some days, nothing feels like it’s “enough.” We get more likely to criticize others, than delight ourselves in you—more “grumble-ly,” than “Gospel-ly.”

Other days, your love, grace, and presence are more real and satisfying than anything. Multiply those days, Abba. More of the days when your love is better than life, your grace is more than sufficient, and your presence is sweeter than honey. Days when the riches of the Gospel define us more than people not coming through for us, or circumstances not working out for us.

Until the Day of nor more whining, discontent, and grumbling, teach us the difference between redemptive-discontent and chronic-ingratitude. Thank you for placing a limit on how much satisfaction anything or anyone can give us. This guarantees our idols will always fail us.

On this April Thursday, supersize our awareness of every good thing we have in Jesus. Free us to turn down our expectation-rheostat on mere people, the seductive, empty mirages in our world, and things over which you alone are sovereign. So very Amen we pray, in Jesus’ wonderful and merciful name